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Computers have been a huge part of our everyday lives and women have played an important role in their development.  Check out this website to learn more these amazing women!

Her Future in Tech Starts Here.  Our all-girls summer program combines tech, entrepreneurship, and social activism, empowering the next generation of women in STEM.

10 Tips For Women Who Are Pursuing A Career in IoT (Internet Of Things).  The Internet of Things is continually expanding at a fast pace, we expect it to revolutionize a broad range of sectors.  Many women have reached the top of the industry, confronting the gender gap and showing that it can be made.

Programming skills are incredibly useful, especially if you start learning them while you're young. Getting started, however, can be hard. The words people use to talk about coding all seem like a bunch of jargon at first, but you can start to grow your understanding with this useful glossary with slimplistic definitions.

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