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Battle Bots

Watch sparks fly and participate in this amazingly fun battle robot competition.

The next Giant Nut could be yours! Competing on BattleBots is an amazing experience. That thrill of designing, building and competing with your very own fighting robot is unlike anything else. But to participate takes mettle. This journey will not be easy. You will need to be resourceful and tenacious, an ingenious problem solve, part engineer and part artist. But you can do it.

Age requirements:
A "Supervising Adult" is a Team member 21 years or older who is responsible for no more than 2 Minors on the Team. Thus, if there are more than two Minors on the Team, there will need to be more than one Supervising Adult.

Minors less than 8 years old are not allowed in the Pit Area, or any other area where Robots are being
repaired, transported or operated.

Minors 8 years old or more are allowed to work on the preparation and repair of their Team’s Robot, under
the direct watch of the Supervising Adult. Such repair and preparation can only involve the use of basic hand tools.

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