K’NEX Education – Intro to Structures: Bridges Set

Engineering - Civil

Grades 3-5

- CLASSIC PIECES – K’NEX Education’s Intro to Structures Bridges Set consists of 207 classic pieces, including rods, stems, and connectors. Kids can attach these parts to one another in different ways, allowing them to create a variety of fully functioning bridge models. The snap-fit pieces stick together securely and can be easily reassembled into other creations.

- REAL-WORLD STRUCTURES – Build 13 fully-functioning replicas of real-life bridges. These models help educate builders about bridge infrastructure by demonstrating key bridge types, such as truss, arch, cantilever, beam, suspension, movable/bascule, and cable-stayed. Building instructions and a teacher’s guide on a CD are included, providing the information needed to build one’s understanding of scientific, technical, and design concepts.

- CONVENIENT STORAGE –Keep all K’NEX parts in one easy-to-access place. Enjoy hassle-free cleanup and storage, as this building set comes with a convenient portable storage tray with a snap-on lid.

- VERSATILE – K’NEX Education’s Intro to Structures Bridges Set is designed to enhance kids’ imaginations through the creative assembly of K’NEX pieces. Aside from the 13 bridges they can build, the set can also be used to create buildings, houses, and towers. This toy is ideal for kids from grades 3 to 5, and 2 to 3 people can work on each set.

- STEAMagination: It’s the connection of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts & math) with a child’s natural curiosity and creativity and it powers the fun of each and every K’NEX building set. Building with K’NEX puts children on a path towards a fundamental understanding of STEAM/STEM subjects.

- LESSON PLANS AND EXPERIMENTS: All K’NEX Education sets come with either a comprehensive guide for teachers or an experiment guide for student-led learning. All lesson plans and experiment guides are written by expert educators and feature hands-on, inquiry-based projects that engage students in today’s busy classroom.

- ALIGNED TO NATIONAL STANDARDS: K’NEX Education teacher guides and experiment guides are aligned to national educational standards, including ITEEA, NSES, NCTM, NGSS and Common Core.

- REAL WORLD LEARNING: Study after study reveals that students have more success learning STEM subjects through activities related to the real world rather than reading about abstract concepts in textbooks. K’NEX Education sets allow students to build replicas of real-world machines and contraptions and through the lesson plans and experiments, gain a concrete understanding of the principles that make them work.

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