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The Friendship Code - Girls Who Code - Book 1

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Is this book about a real woman in STEAM?

Loops, variables, input/output – Lucy can’t wait to get started with the new coding club at school. Finally, an after school activity that she’s really interested in. But Lucy’s excitement turns to disappointment when she’s put into a work group with girls she barely knows. All she wanted to do was make an app that she believes will help someone very special to her.

Suddenly, Lucy begins to get cryptic coding messages and needs some help translating them. She soon discovers that coding – and friendship – takes time, dedication, and some laughs!

A New York Times bestseller! Perfect for fans of The Babysitters Club and anyone interested in computer science, this series is published in partnership with the organization Girls Who Code.

Book #1

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Screen Shot 2021-01-22 at 12.09.52
Screen Shot 2021-01-22 at 12.09.52


Stacia Deutsch




Penguin Workshop

Recommended Ages:

8 - 12 years



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Girls Love STEAM Review:

Additional Reader & Professional Reviews:

Gr 3–6—This fresh series starter from seasoned author Deutsch centers on a group of middle school friends who are learning the basics of computer code. Lucy is finally a sixth grader, which means that she can finally join Coding Club. She wants to figure out how to code so that she can make an app to help her sick uncle keep track of his medication. Unfortunately, the club members don't even get to use the computers during the first meeting! Plus, Lucy is put on a team with a former friend; an intimidating, sophisticated seventh grader; and the new girl who came into Coding Club sobbing. Over the course of a week, Lucy and her teammates are led on a mystery code—based scavenger hunt. Following the directions that are left in an envelope attached to her locker, Lucy relies on each of her teammates to help her decipher the messages, each of which teaches them the very basic elements of coding. Readers will appreciate the characters' diversity of interests and their love of coding. VERDICT A complex topic made accessible; recommended for elementary and middle school libraries and for collections that serve budding coders.
--Kristin Unruh, Siersma Elementary School, Warren, MI - School Library Journal


“Between the integrated logic and the consciously diverse cast, A WONDERFUL SERIES LAUNCH.”
--Kirkus Reviews

--Scholastic Teacher


“[A] chatty, INFORMATION-PACKED reference guide peppered with real examples of women in technology.”
--The Austin American-Statesman

“[A] FRESH SERIES STARTER…Readers will appreciate the characters’ diversity of interests and their love of coding…. A complex topic made ACCESSIBLE; recommended for elementary and middle school libraries and for collections that serve ¬budding coders.”
--School Library Journal

“In addition to the computer science concepts, the book DEMONSTRATES DIFFERENT REASONS GIRLS MAY BECOME INTERESTED IN CODING, as well as connecting it to other hobbies such as fashion, sports, and acting. The story also CAPTURES REALISTIC FRIENDSHIP ISSUES.”
--School Library Connection

“The series SHOWS GIRLS THAT ANYONE CAN CODE; it’s for anyone who sees a problem and has an idea about how to solve it.”
--Colorado Kids

“[A] fast read about a sixth-grade girl who can't wait to get started at her new coding club at school and works with her friends to solve a mystery. The story has A DIVERSE GROUP OF CHARACTERS and includes real-life struggles, such as an uncle battling cancer and a mother getting divorced. PARENTS WHO WANT TO INTRODUCE THEIR KIDS TO CODING/COMPUTER SCIENCE MIGHT ENJOY READING THIS, TOO.”
-- Common Sense Media

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