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STEAM Powered Girls: Power Your Dreams, Power Your Future

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Is this book about a real woman in STEAM?

Power Your Dreams and Your Future Using the Principles of STEAM
STEAM is the combination of science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math. If you're a teenage girl who loves any of these subjects — or you're facing the challenges and dilemmas of growing up strong and able to achieve your dreams in today's world — this book is for you.

Lizzy, a robotics engineer, and Nola, a renowned science and robotics educator and STEM advocate, asked the happiest, most successful and powerful women they knew to share the tools and secrets they used to make it through middle school and high school. Their insights can help you to get through whatever comes up and become the woman you choose to be.

STEAM Powered Girls gives you specific ways to:

Recognize your unique skills and talents
Find multiple solutions to such challenges as peer pressure, self-doubt and feeling overwhelmed
Imagine your future, then follow your passion
Develop your potential and create your own successes

Start using the tools today to create the life you want. Learn more at

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Elizabeth de Zulueta, Nola Garcia de Quevedo




Power Your Dreams Publishing, LLC

Recommended Ages:

13 - 18 years


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Girls Love STEAM Review:

Additional Reader & Professional Reviews:

"Remember those favorite teachers who guided, encouraged, pushed and nurtured you to succeed? Now they've written a book to equip and empower you to STEAM-powered success. Read it. Heed it. It could change your life!"
-- John R. Hall, PE, F.NSPE, Past-President of the Florida Engineering Society, Framer of Florida's STEM Strategic Plan and President of Ludovici & Orange Consulting Engineers

"This is a guide for our girls to succeed on every level: personally, socially, educationally, professionally and even romantically. The authors detail a system of problem solving that works. I wish I had read this back in the day. Now, I'll make sure that all of the young ladies in my life get a copy. Thanks, Lizzy and Nola!"
-- Susan M. Klock, Attorney, mother and grandmother

"This book is timely and long overdue. The importance of women being treated equally in all fields, especially in technology and education, is at the forefront of society today. The glass ceiling remains a reality. This book uniquely reaches the hearts and minds of our future female leaders in a way that resonates with the challenges they face today and in the future. The advice and the tools are both informative and empowering to young women and will aid them in their career growth."
-- M. Lewis Temares, PhD, Dean Emeritus, College of Engineering, University of Miami, IEEE Life Senior Member, and IT and Leadership Consultant, Lew and Lou Consulting LLC

"This book is a great resource to encourage, equip and empower young girls interested in STEAM education and careers. It is full of real-world stories and practical advice from women who have been there. Highly recommended."
-- Greg Munson, Founder and President, BattleBots

"STEAM is such an important collaboration of influences in our lives today. Nola and Lizzy have found a way to integrate effective tools for a successful journey through the difficult teen years and beyond. Even girls who are not interested in STEAM careers can benefit from the tech savvy advice in these pages."
-- Fon Davis, Founder of Fonco Studios, worked on over 40 feature films, ran the Los Angeles Hanson Robotics Lab and Robogames and Battlebots judge

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