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Hedy Lamarr and a Secret Communications System

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Is this book about a real woman in STEAM?

Discover the brilliant life of Hedy Lamarr in this full-color graphic novel. This talented film actress became an influential scientist with her invention of a secret radio system in the early 1940s, a building block of today’s wireless communications. With comic book-style illustrations and short, engaging sentences, this biography will inspire, entertain, and inform young readers about an individual who made a significant contribution to society. This must-have graphic novel includes a bibliography, extended reading list, glossary, and further Internet sources.

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Trina Robbins


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Recommended Ages:

7 - 10 years

Hedy Lamarr

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This new graphic nonfiction series offers biographical treatments that highlight a technological breakthrough or innovation. Though produced by various illustrators, titles are visually similar: enticing covers, dynamic fonts, bold colors, and vibrant illustrations. Comic book-style word balloons feature fairly sophisticated vocabulary and occasional quotes or other primary source material. Each selection includes titled chapters, a table of contents, summary fact pages, further reading suggestions, and recommended Internet sites. There is close correlation between the dialogue and depicted actions and illustrations, which will provide visual reinforcement for struggling readers. These deceptively slim volumes convey a tremendous amount of information and vocabulary, and should attract attention from reluctant and enthusiastic readers alike. Bibliography. Glossary. Index. Recommended.
--Library Media Connection; Vol. 25, No. 7; Pages 83-84, April 2007

In 1937 Hedwig Keisler, a famous European actress, was trapped. She was married to a man who produced weapons used by the Nazis. Hedwig (Hedy) hated the Nazis cruelty and her husband. She wanted nothing more than to escape both, and in the back of her mind she wanted to find a way to stop the Nazis. After a stealthy escape from Austria, she ended up in Switzerland, then London, and finally Hollywood. Once there, her stage name was changed to Lamarr and she became a top American movie star. At a Hollywood party, Hedy met George Anthiel, a musician. The two played piano together and Hedy was struck with an idea that she thought would help defeat the Nazis. Though they had a great idea which they patented, it was not put to practical use until the 1950s and 60s. Today Hedy s invention is called spread spectrum and is used in cell phones, wireless Internet, satellite guided missiles, and more. This nonfiction book is part of the Capstone Graphic Library and is a graphic novel. This format will not appeal to all, but children who are into brightly colored, action-packed graphic novels and/or video games may find this book more their style and much to their benefit.
--Childrens Literature Comprehensive Database, July 2007

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