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Coding to Kindness

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Is this book about a real woman in STEAM?

Meet Grace, Dorothy, and Ada, all named after pioneer women in Computer Science. They are best friends, but need your help at times to remember to be kind to one another. Throughout this book you will have opportunities to CODE to KINDNESS by sequencing the directional cards (forward, backward, left, right).

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Valerie Sousa


Jennifer Leban



Recommended Ages:

5-7 years



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Girls Love STEAM Review:

Additional Reader & Professional Reviews:

This book has been great to not only share ways students can be kind, but also great way to introduction and review on coding skills. The characters are based on real people who have to deal with real life situations to which the students can relate. There is a brief biographical introduction to the real life women, with their real and illustrated picture. This is not just a read aloud, but a participatory activity. Children can code in the book, helping the girls to be kind.
- K.L. Innes

This book is a great learning tool to cover social skills and the basics of coding And directionality for young students and their adults. I love how the characters are modeled after women pioneers of coding as it gives an introduction of their stories, as well. The book is interactive and asks young readers to code the characters to solutions to the sticky situations that come up in their friendship. The link between social skills and coding relates to executive functioning and thinking through the steps of problem solving. My son enjoyed using the directionality cards to code to the solutions.
- Amazon Customer

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